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The former cloister’s buildings bear witness to an eventful history. The gothic church and the baroque cloister mark the clash of two historical epochs and symbolize the abbey’s rise and fall.
The first purist church was built 814 but this building was to small for the mass of pilgrims frequenting the abbey during the Middle Ages. The new gothic church was built during the 14th century and has preserved a precious interior decoration. Apart from the tower gate, little remains of the medieval cloister buildings. Today’s construction was built in the 18th century. Today, the residency with its interior is one of the only fully preserved noble palaces of Aachen.

Alphons Hyazinth of Suys, abbot of Kornelimünster

The high quality stucco work and paintings by artists from Liège and Italy cover the issue of the claim to power by the building owner and the Catholic Church. In several of the north wing‘s administration rooms, frescos with religious themes still remain from the time when the buildings were constructed. It was only during the rule of the successive abbot that the actual convent around the cloister was continued in a less complex form.
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